CURRENT PROCESS: Many people today spray their showers after each shower.  The problem is a light coating of cleaning liquid moistens the soap scum but does not dissolve it.  To effectively remove all the soap scum after every shower, you must remain in the shower for an extended period of time and spray the shower walls until you are confident that all the soap scum is soaked, dissolved, and washed down the drain.  This is time consuming.  Furthermore, who wants to clean a shower immediately after showering and at a time when they are in a hurry to leave?  Eventually, the soap scum builds up and the only way to get rid of it is to scrub until it is removed completely.

The current shower cleaning mechanisms have a limited spray cycle because of the limited reservoirs.  To enlarge the reservoirs would only cause a huge waste of cleaning liquid, not to mention the expense, time spent, and the trouble of pouring a gallon of cleaner in those little mechanisms after each cleaning.

In this modern age with all our modern technology, someone should develop a method that eliminates the need to manually clean your showers and bathtubs.  We did!  Cleaning your shower by hand is so 20th century.  There is a better way!

FINALLY!!!!  There is an effective, patented  process that thoroughly cleans your bathtub or shower with no scrubbing.  In fact, the fully automated system allows you to completely clean your shower with one push of one button.  And, the process works no matter how thick or hardened the build up of soap scum.  With some cleaning liquids, even rust stains and water deposits are removed.

THE PROCESS:  The process is to create a continuous, sustainable spray that thoroughly covers all the interior surfaces of your shower or bathtub including your shower door or curtain.  The spray soaks, dissolves, and washes away all the soap scum and thus all the dirt.  The continuous spray has been tested and proven to be effective in removing even the thickest layers of soap scum - leaving showers and bathtubs spotless no matter how dirty the shower or bathtub was.  In fact, this process is so effective that with the right household cleaners, stubborn rust stains, thick calcium deposits, and long standing hard water stains can be removed without any manual labor.

AT LAST!!!!  Cleaning your shower or bathtub can be as simple as a push of a button.  The Simple2Clean shower does for showers what dishwashers have done for dishes - ­ what washing machines have done for clothes - ­ what self-cleaning ovens have done for ovens - what frost-free has done for refrigerators.  How difficult would it be to get your kids to clean their shower or bathtub regularly?

HOW IT WORKS:  1) A continuous spray is created  The spray is composed of the user's favorite commercially available shower cleaning liquid.  These shower cleaning liquids are the cleaners that are currently available at any store that sells household cleaners.  By depressing the 'Recycle' button, the cleaner can be recycled and used again in the next cleaning cycle - saving you money.
2) The length of the cleaning cycle is set by the user.  The thicker the soap scum, the longer the length of the cleaning cycle must be.  The spray is intended to continue as long as any soap scum remains and can run for hours if needed.  This is the same principle as dishwashers only with shower cleaning liquids instead of dishwashing detergent.
3) The showers or bathtubs can be cleaned after each shower, weekly, or even monthly with just a push of a button.  Run it for two minutes after each shower with a push of a button.  And while you are getting dressed, you're shower will be cleaned and ready before you are.  Five minute cleaning cycles are adequate if the shower is cleaned weekly.  If you want to wait a month (there is no sense in this), just set the timer for 30 minutes and push the button to restore it back to super clean.
Would it be easy to get your kids to keep their own showers and bathtubs clean?  A reminder is all it would take - maybe not that much  Could you save on maid service?.

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