The Portable Cleaner:
The system is intended for multiple users as listed below.

1) renters who want the convenience of never having to scrub their shower or bathtub but do not want to leave their property behind when they leave their rental unit
2) existing homeowners that have multiple showers and bathtubs and do not want to have to purchase a unit for each shower or tub
3) professional residential maids that can set this device up in the clients shower, turn it on, and go about other cleaning assignments then take the same unit to the next home
4) professional hotel and motel housekeeping maids that can take this unit from one room to the next and never have to scrub another shower or bathtub

This Cleaning System:
This device is extremely similar to the quick installation kit but it does not permanently mount and the nozzles are a part of the control housing.  This device is a portable control box that is to be hung on the shower/bathtub door frame or curtain rod.  The control box is never to be mounted and therefore easily moved between showers.  The control box houses the control panel ,the pump, and a valve that permits the user to redirect the pressurized liquid to a dispenser to be reused.  The nozzle is mounted at the end of the control box arm and creates a 360° spray pattern.  An electrical extension cord is needed to provide the electrical power and easily stores when not in use.  And the tubed drain plug is connected to the control box.  Each device is supplied with a carrying case for storage and transporting.  This cleaner is not as simple to use as the fully automated cleaner but it can clean just as effectively as the automated cleaner.

 To Use this Product, the User:
1) places the device over the door frame or curtain rod
2) installs the tubed plug
3) plugs the electrical extension cord into a household outlet
4) pours the shower cleaning liquid in the shower/bathtub
5) sets the cleaning cycle time if different than the previous cleaning
6) presses the recycle button if the user wishes to reuse the cleaner
7) pushes the 'Start' button

At the end of the cleaning cycle, the user has the option of having the cleaning liquid pumped into a storage bottle allowing the cleaning liquid to be reused until the cleaning liquid loses its effectiveness.  This is accomplish just by having the storage bottle attached and press the recycle button.

When the cleaning cycle is complete, the user will have to place the tubed drain plug, power cord, tubing, and control box back into the carrying case.  Then the user will place the carrying case with the device in it, in storage.

The Aesthetics:

This device is intended to be placed in its carrying case and stored when not in use.  This device does not distract from the aesthetics of the bathroom.