The President
Michelle Bowser is an average, middle class housewife that has had to scrub the family bathtubs and showers.  She is a mom and nurse that maintains a family and a full time job.  She loves her family and leisure time.

For decades Michelle has been seeking a means to eliminate the need for people to scrub their bathtubs and showers.  After all, the bathtubs and showers are supposed to be a place to cleanse oneself.  It does not seem right for us to have to clean them.

After decades of seeking a means of eliminating this daunting chore, she discovered a simple but effective method to automate this chore. Decades ago, the old technology gave us dishwashers, frost-free refrigerators, vacuums, and automatic clothes washers. It is about time that someone found a means to use modern technology to eliminate the daunting, painful, and miserable task of scrubbing our bathtubs and showers.

Here at Simple2Clean, we are glad to bring three new effective systems that do just that.  The three systems were designed to serve each and every person who has the responsibility of maintaining a clean shower.  One of these systems will best serve you.

Currently, we are in the process of building the world's first and only effective bathtub and shower cleaning devices. We are testing to ensure the best results for a long lasting solution. When the original devices are offered on the market, they will come with a warranty to ensure your unconditional satisfaction. That is how sure we are that you will love these cleaning appliances.

We hope to place these on the market by the end of this year or early next year. If you would like to keep informed as to our progress and be one of the first to eliminate your need to scrubbing your bathtubs and showers, please see how to join out news letter or even pre-order. There will be discounts for those who receive our newsletter and huge discounts for those who pre-order.