This Cleaning System:
This product has a permanently mounted control panel, a cleaner dispenser, a pump, water control valves, and nozzles.

To Use this System, the User:
1) ensures that the dispenser is adequately filled with their favorite cleaning liquid
2) sets the length of time for the cleaning cycle to run
3) sets the length of time that the rinse cycle is to run if a rinse cycle is desired
4) sets the rinse to hot or cold water if a rinse cycle is desired
5) selects to recycle the cleaning liquid or dispose of it
6) pushes the 'Start' button

Ease and Simplicity of Use:
If the level of the cleaning liquid is adequate and nothing changes from the previous cleaning, all that is required is to push the 'Start' button.

The Aesthetics:

The controls for this device can be permanently mounted on or in the wall next to the shower/bathtub, in a nearby cabinet, or in a nearby closet.  If concealed in a cabinet or closet, the only visible parts are small nozzles in the shower or bathtub.  The nozzles can be customized in appearance and location to blend into any decor.  There are no other visible components and by all other measures, the showers and bathtubs are identical to the conventional showers and bathtubs currently being used today.


In the picture above, the control panel can be seen in the cabinet along with the dispenser.  The dispenser is clear and can be observed as nearly full of your favorite shower cleaning liquid.  At the top of the bathtub, two spray nozzles can be seen.  The nozzles are small and inconspicuous.  In this case, they are gold plated to match the surrounding d├ęcor. Only two of the four are visible from this angle.  The picture below shows a closer view of the control panel and dispenser.

The Fully Automated Shower and Bathtub:
The fully automated product has two users.  The fully automated system is intended for the Brand New Homes and the Existing Homeowners that are willing to make a small commitment to do a small amount of remodeling to their homes to have Fully Automated Showers and/or Bathtubs.

To install a fully automated system in an existing home, access to the shower or bathtub drain must be available or made available.  In some cases, this means removing the shower or bathtub insert (or shell).  In other cases, gaining access to the drain might mean removing a small part of the floor.  In the worst case, some foundation work will be required.  In the best cases, access is already available from the basement or crawl space.

For new homes, this system is simple to install during construction.  If your bathroom is already being remodeled, this modification would mean very little additional labor.